Why Coaching?
What Is Coaching?
How much does it cost?
What is the commitment?
How do I get started?
What should I expect?
What are your specialties?
Who is the coach?
Mentor Coaching
Expect coaching to be customized according to your unique personality and calendar. Coaching sessions take place over the phone or Skype. In person sessions are available for women and couples willing to travel to Sioux Falls, SD.

Expect to make the most of your time by deciding what is most important to you to focus on in each call. Many people find it helpful to complete a specific coaching form prior to each call to prepare for it.

Expect to gain clarity around your values, vision, purpose, and goals and then be able to make meaningful choices in all arenas of life.

Expect to be challenged and supported as you enjoy the sweet reward of taking creative steps towards following Him and living the vision you are being called to live.
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